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Our story is simple: Jozi (or Johannesburg to those who are not familiar with the city) is a trendy and vibrant landscape. The people who make the city iconic are known for their ability to turn nothing into something great. In Jozi it’s not about where you come from – it’s the journey of where you’re going. This is why our clothing brand Jozi Streets is made for the dreamer, the explorer, and the young and young at heart. We represent the people who, wherever they are now, were once motivated by the imagination and inspiration that is found in the bustle of Jozi’s streets.

All we do is have fun, make friends and create as we produce the best of Jozi. As Jozi Streets, we are leaders in urban wear that defines the eternal youth, street culture and fashion of South Africa and the African continent. The Jozi Streets t-shirts and hoodies showcase the Joburg skyline print that is iconic with the city of Johannesburg. We selected the most outstanding features of the skyline and came up with  an irresistible piece of art. The skyline print is something one just can’t help but give a second glance! You will also agree that the Jozi Streets skyline is refreshingly different. The velvet print applied on all our designs will tantalise your fingers at a touch.

If you are driven by a dream that won’t let you settle for anything less, our clothing is the symbol that projects this inner force. We are all different and Jozi thrives on this blend of unique flavour. At Jozi Streets we unify this enthusiasm that moves us forward. Wherever you go from here, you’ll always carry with you the boldness of Jozi Streets.

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