The Rosebank Car-boot Sale: The Place to be Every Last Sunday of the Month

The Rosebank Car-boot Sale: The Place to be Every Last Sunday of the Month

  • Posted by mandla
  • On November 30, 2016
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Jozi Streets visited the Rosebank Car-boot Sale for the first time the past weekend and the experience was not only simply satisfying but also friendly to the pocket. From African crafts to furniture to soaps and even vinyls, the Rosebank Car-boot Sale is the place to be for everyone who want to save big on rare gems.

We spoke to Elyse Jacobson, the organiser of the Car-boot Sale and she told us that this clever idea started just over a year ago with just a handful of stalls. One year on, the roof of the Rosebank Mall where the Car-boot Sales takes place every last Sunday of the month is a hive of activity. The Car-boot Sale is host to over a hundred stalls.

One of the stall owners, Wendy says she was one of the first exhibitors when the initiative started and now she makes a decent living out of it. Well, we believe Wendy. Judging by the multitude of shoppers who graced the Car Boot Sale, one can never go wrong as both a shopper and retailer at the Car-boot Sale.

Elyse took us on a tour of the sparsely-spaced rooftop parking area where the Car-boot conducts it business and we spoke to wide-smiled shoppers who seemed to be enjoying this unique shopping experience offered to them.

In case you are wondering when the next event is, simply! Contact Elyse via the details give below.

Elyse Jacobson – Carboot Sale organiser | email: [email protected] | [email protected]

You can also simply contact us on [email protected] and we will be glad to assist.