Babes Wodumo will launch an anti-drug campaign after drug promotion accusations.

Babes Wodumo will launch an anti-drug campaign after drug promotion accusations.

Babes Wodumo will launch an anti-drug campaign after drug promotion accusations.

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  • On October 25, 2016
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Babes Wodumo’s record label West Ink, apologised for the confusion of the Wololo hit-maker’s latest song ‘Mercedes’ causing a stir on social media and the Congress of South African Students (COSAS).

COSAS claimed that the Wololo hit maker’s latest track is named after a killer drug that’s landed many young people in KwaMashu, KwaZulu Natal and surrounding townships in hospital.

Recently, the single was banned on the few SABC their airwaves.
The MEC for Social Development in KwaZulu-Natal, Weziwe Thusi has welcomed the track’s banning. In a statement from her office, she said the single believed to be about a street drug known as ‘Mercedes’ is viewed to be celebrating drug abuse. On the other hand, the Gqom Queen has denied the accusations and claimed that ‘Mercedes’ is about her favourite brand of car.

Below is the statement released by West Ink owner Mampintsha on Instagram that Babes will launch an anti-drug campaign amongst the South African youth.

Firstly we would like to extend our sincere heartfelt apologies for the seeming confusion that has emerged following the release of our proposed follow up & highly sought after single for Babes Wodumo titled “Mercedes” which has since stirred a wave of controversy and opened up a debate regarding a dangerous substance of the same name which has become synonymous with the underground KZN community.

It is very sad that Babes favourite car happens to share the same pseudonym as the dangerous drug but we would like to re affirm our truth to you all that the song has always been about a car, which is also the same dream car that her own father has always wanted to own but was never able to afford.

The story of the song is thus a continuation of a young black girl who grew up in the ghetto and literally came from nothing to being what she is today and is just singing out her dreams in her songs. It is also a gravely unfortunate coincidence that we overlooked the possibility of the song being linked to the drug of the same name but we empathise with everyone who has been affected by this.

In the aftermath of this unfortunate series of events Babes Wodumo has decided to come up with a campaign that seeks to create and address awareness against drug use amongst South African youth. We will be sending you details of the campaign soon and we urge and pledge government as well as private stake holders to lend their support to our cause.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and co operation.

By Classic “Clasta” Mashiloane | Twitter: @ClassiqueClasta | IG: classicclasta


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